I’m Kelley. I’m a Lifestyle Photographer.

And coffee addict, sister, girlfriend, blogger, girl boss, mentor, california dreamer, instagramer, and brunch connoisseur. Hi.

I’m currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Not originally from Atlanta, I was born in Fayetteville, NC and then moved about 20 times before I ended up in Connecticut where I got my undergrad (Go Huskies!) before settling in Atlanta. I was going to be an event planner. Photography chose me instead. I became a full-fledged #girlboss in October 2013. Every day is scary. Every day is amazing. I plan to photograph for the cover of Vogue one day.

I have a morkie named Martini, I sell art prints on etsy, I have a closet full of shoes and a desk full of magazines. I dream of one day traveling to Bali, Paris, Japan, Australia and Egypt. I’ve replaced my iphone screen a good 4 times in the past year, I drink a nice coffee every morning. I light candles as soon as I walk into my home and turn on ambient music to relax. I have a blog. I pin like there’s no tomorrow and I collect journals. I enjoy long walks through Barnes & Noble. I watch Sex and the City like its going out of style (which it will never) and the beach is life. That’s just a little about me.

I want to develop a relationship with people that can be interpreted zoetically through photos. My ideal client has a love for creativity and art. They love to laugh. They are fabulous in their own right. And they invest in photography because their photos, their memories..they are of the utmost importance to them and they wouldn’t dare choose a photographer that doesn’t take this thang seriously.


I Document People, Love Stories and Journeys.

It's special. It’s personal. It’s allowing me to be apart of your world while at the same time allowing yourself to be apart of mine. My intent with every photograph is to tell a story in a language anyone can understand.


Photo Galleries

Among all the different styles of photography there are, and there's too many to count, what I live for most is photojournalism, or more specifically, lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography is how I speak; it's how I tell people's story in the best and most beautiful way I know. I just LOVE a good lifestyle session; in a home is always lovely, among nature is pure bliss. Decor, I love snapping shots of decor. One day I hope to be the photographer of a super thick coffee table book. And weddings. I love weddings. I love the unconventional, the stylish, non-traditional, unique, and above all else, the fabulous, darling. It must be fabulous.















What’s In My Blog

More about me of course, my latest photo fun, stuff for new photographers, fabulous features of other business owners doin their thing, and lots of inspiration for my fellow girl bosses just trying to make it in this world. Head on over!

Say hello. kelley@kelleyraye.com