The excitement you are feeling is overwhelming Im sure.

I know you want to share and print until your heart explodes so let me tell ya how to do it right!

"What do i do once i get my photos?"

If you've received a Pass or Pixieset Gallery take heed to the instructions below (if you've received a wedding USB, you can skip step 1)

First: Download It All!

IMPORTANT: Please download your images to a computer! Images downloaded to a phone may have their resolution reduced and its not always cute. Also your gallery wont be available forever. Be sure to download your entire gallery (if Pixieset) within 7 days. Pixieset automatically locks after 7 days, however if you need to access it after that (sometimes parents or family members like access to it as well), I typically leave it in place for about 2-3 weeks or until I need to make room for more storage. You'll just need to email me to resend you the link if it says its locked. Larger galleries (ex: lo-res wedding files) are uploaded through Pass or Dropbox and those are available for longer.

Second: Upload it right!

When sharing your images via social media please be sure to use the correct version of the photo (the images you downloaded to your computer). If you try to screenshot an image from your gallery, it will lose its high resolution quality and look blurry and terrible and then you'll tag me and people will be like "what photographer took this?!" and not in a good way, so please upload correctly so that your friends and family can have the full, amazing effect. Also, I know instagram has all these super cute filters and whatnot, but no photographer likes when you apply a filter to the images they spent hours editing. Just a sidenote :)

Third: tag me y'all!

Referrals are like 98% of how I pay my rent, so share, share, share!! But also when you do PLEASE tag me correctly whenever the opportunity presents itself so that your friends and family can easily find me should they wish to book something in the future <3

  • My Instagram handle is: @kelleyraye_ (don't forget the underscore!) And if we shot in my studio - @rosegoldstudioatl
  • My official business Facebook page is: "Kelley Raye" (like my personal fb name except my biz page is at---
  • My Twitter handle is: @kelleyraye_ (same as IG)
  • And if posting to a website or blog, your photo credit (which should read "Photos by Kelley Raye") can link back to my website - 

"What if i lose my images?"

I back up all my files so I will be able to get you new copies of your images should you lose them, your usb is damaged or wish to access your photo gallery after the download due date. For weddings, backup images can be sent to you for free via dropbox for up to one year. Any requests received after one year will incur a $50 fee. For photo sessions, a new gallery can be sent to you for free for up to 3 months. Any requests received after 3 months will incur a $25 fee.


And last but not least: Reviews welcome!

If you had an amazing time and love your photos more than *insert your favorite flavor ice cream* than do me a HUGE favor and help me stay in business by leaving me a review on my google page so that more awesome people can find me and have the same great experience!

My google page link is: Or just google "Kelley Raye" and my business should pop up on the side, then click "Write a Review". Sometimes thats easier.



and if you ever need help with any of these steps, email me: