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Wedding booking Guide

Oh Shoot! its getting real!

You're one step closer to some amazing memories of one of the best days of your life (so far)!

The Booking Process. it's easy.

• If you have scheduled a consultation, we’ll discuss more details about your day and what you might need from me besides doubling as the security guard (which is totally a part of my job description). Most consultations are done via Skype but Google Hangout, Facetime or a phone call is cool too.

• Prices are subject to change at anytime but the official quote that I email you is good for 30 days.

• A 50% non-refundable deposit + contract is required to officially book a full day wedding or elopement package. The remaining balance is due no later than 30 days prior to your wedding date. Mini weddings or any weddings being booked less than 30 days before the wedding date require a 100% non-refundable deposit + contract. I accept credit, debit, checks from mom, venmo, and Beyoncé tickets.

• A link to my Wedding Day Prep Guide will be emailed to you once you are officially booked.

Question: what if another couple inquires about our date before we've made our decision?

Without a deposit, your wedding date is up for grabs by anyone at anytime. Sometimes I receive inquiries from different couples for the same open date. So just in case this happens with you: If an inquiry comes in for your requested wedding date before you've made your decision or submitted a deposit, you will receive an email alert from me. After 24 hours, if you still haven't submitted a deposit, I will allow couple #2 to go ahead and schedule their consultation or put an immediate deposit down should they be so inclined. The date will still be available to either one of you until someone submits a deposit + signed contract.


a few more FAQs Answered For Ya

Q// Do I have to provide food for you (and your assistant if applicable) during the reception?
Yes. Unless you want us to pass out and not finish shooting. We take our break during mealtime. We eat, we download earlier images, we rest our feet because by this time they are pounding, as yours might be. Then we're back for the 4-hour dance montage.

Q// Do we get the copyrights to the photos taken?
No. You will receive a Print Release (also stated in the contract) that allows you to use the photos for sharing, printing, and reproducing to your hearts desire. You just may not sell photos for profit.

Q// Can we have the RAW, unedited images? Can we have all the images?
You will only received edited photos. Once culled, all usable photos will be edited and delivered to you as a jpg file after post-processing.

Q// How many photos can we expect to receive after the wedding?
A full day wedding can produce up to 600 photos or more. I do not count photos, I send everything that looks great. So maybe 600 maybe 6000. The world may never know. Actually.. take that will know after I send them.

Q// Will you blog us?

Q// What if we absolutely do not want you to post ANY of our images anywhere on the internet to assist you in booking future business?
#noshade but I'm not available to shoot weddings I'm not 'allowed' to showcase, lo siento.

sarah with the photobomb.

Hopefully I covered all the questions you would have asked. If I didn't, then feel free to email me or schedule a consultation :)