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The Booking Process. it's easy!

• During your consultation, we’ll discuss more details about your day and what you might need from me besides doubling as the security guard (which is totally a part of my job description fyi). Because I travel (for weddings) a lot, consultations are done via Skype or Google Hangout so that I can get to ya faster! If you want to meet in person and you live in ATL or LA, we can do that too.

• Prices are subject to change at anytime but the official quote that I email you is good for 30 days.

• A 50% non-refundable deposit + contract is required to officially secure your wedding date. The remaining balance is due no later than 30 days prior to your wedding date. Weddings being booked less than 60 days before the wedding date require a 100% non-refundable deposit + contract. I accept bank transfers, credit cards (may include a processing fee) checks from mom, venmo (@kelleyraye), and Beyoncé tickets.

• A link to my Wedding Day Prep Guide will be emailed to you once you are officially booked.

questions before you schedule your consultation...

Q// What if another couple inquires about our date before we've made our decision?
It is not uncommon for me to receive multiple requests for the same date within a very short time frame. Keep in mind lots of people are planning their wedding at the same time you are! As a courtesy, I will let you know if someone has inquired about your date but I do not hold dates without a deposit, no matter how awesome you are. So it is suggested that you schedule your consultation as soon as possible (I'd say 1-3 days from the time you inquired if possible) to avoid someone else scheduling theirs sooner than yours and subsequently receiving their contract before you.

Q// We hate posing so will you make sure every single image is a candid?
Most of your wedding day will be shot in documentary style, and when its time for your official wedding portraits we will be shooting a mix of candid shots and shots using creative direction. I don't like to leave my couples confused, wondering what to do with their hands, I prefer they look like rock stars. If you want to look crazy, bored, stiff, not in love, and unflattering, then by all means, fight me tooth and nail on creative direction. However....if you want to look amazing, then you need to trust me when I'm giving you direction and get over your fear of looking posed. Thanks in advance for your trust :)


Have a question for me? the answer may be here!

Q// How would you describe your photography style?
I shoot/edit with feeling in mind. Feeling, vibe, essence, aura, whatever you call it, thats what I aim to capture. It's easy to capture what we see, but what about what we cant see? How will you remember how you felt? Storytelling is about more than just the what, its about the why as well. My photography can be categorized as moody over light and airy; documentary rather than fine art; lifestyle instead of traditional. I like my images to reflect real. I play with shadows. I capture tiny details that you may not even notice. I shoot the way I feel someone would want to remember. You can read more about why I shoot the way I shoot here.

Q// How many weddings have you shot?
A lot.

Q// Do you bring your own lighting?
Yes. I use natural light until there is no more and then I switch to a speedlight to capture the reception.

Q// What kind of equipment do you typically use?
My camera bag usually contains: 2 red bulls (its a long day), 2 canon camera bodies, a holdfast multi camera strap, 3-4 lenses (both prime and zoom), 2 speedlights, lotsa memory cards, a waterproof, smash proof memory card case, extra camera batteries, and rechargeable speedlight batteries.

Q// Do I have to provide food for you (and your assistant if applicable) during the reception?
A meal is required for weddings over 4 hours.

Q// Are you vegetarian? Do you have any dietary restrictions?
No. Unless you're serving vegetarian lasagna then yes! yum.

Q// What if you get sick last minute and you can't shoot our wedding?
I will send a photographer who shoots as closely to my style as I can find in my place. No, I've never not been able to make a wedding.

Q// Do you do posed family portraits during the wedding?
Yes. I don't blog posed family portraits but I do take them at every wedding. These typically take 10-20 minutes total to shoot depending on how long it takes to wrangle family members and how many photo combinations have been requested.

Q// How long does an engagement session typically last?
Engagement session times vary by where we go and how much fun we're having. Typically we would be shooting an hour if shooting in one general location, two hours if you want to hit 2 locations and 3-4 hours if you opt for a day-in-the-life session (a documentary-style session where I capture you at different spots around the city that fit your personality; literally things that you would actually do).

Q// What makes a cool engagement session?
Cool engagement sessions are more than just venturing to your local park at noon (because you think lots of blinding sunshine is best for photos) in matching outfits. Yikes! Lets not. First off, dusk or dawn light makes everyone look like a rockstar. And second, taking a stroll through an arts district, drinks on a rooftop, the beach at sunset, a boardwalk with a fist full of cotton candy, "hiking" through a national park, a cozy indoor session in a decked out home (or someones elses decked out home...), picking a neighborhood and just walking with no set agenda, these are just a few awesome session ideas and the best way to get honest, authentic candids and portraits. Also keep in mind your engagement session doesn't have to be in your city, we can go anywhere. Get creative!

Q// Can my mom pay you?
Yes. I will send you an invoice link so that you or whomever is gifting you is able to pay directly online with credit, debit, bank transfer or paypal at anytime. I also have a venmo account (@kelleyraye). I also have gift certificates available if someone you know wants to buy one for you :)

Q// What happens if we don't pay our remaining balance on time?
You work, right? So first lets imagine if at the end of this current pay period you didn't get your paycheck on time. You'd be ready to raise hell, no? I mean you've already calculated which bills you're going to pay with said paycheck and everything, right? Me too! My contract states that a $25 fee is added to your balance every day you're late. I'd much rather just get paid on time though. Same as you :)

Q// Can we see a full wedding gallery example?
Sure, a full wedding example is < here >.

Q// My wedding venue requires all outside vendors to have a certificate of insurance, do you have that?

Q// If we want to go to a location for our engagement session or wedding that requires a parking fee, admission ticket, boat ride, plane ticket, overnight stay, etc does your base rate include that?
No; out of the ordinary additional payments needed to fulfill your photography dreams are not already included in my base rate. So for example if you want me to meet you at ABC Botanical Gardens and the ticket fee is $20 you would be responsible for purchasing my ticket. If you want me to meet you anywhere where parking would be more than $5, you would be responsible for covering my parking. If you live in New York but you want to shoot your engagement session in New Mexico, you would be responsible for covering my flight and hotel accommodations, etc.

Q// How do you save images after the wedding is over?
I download my memory cards to a temporary external hard drive only used for that day's wedding (hard drive 1). Once downloaded there, images from hard drive 1 are then copied to my external primary hard drive (hard drive 2). Once downloaded there, images from hard drive 2 are copied one more time to my external hard drive that is a mirror copy of my primary hard drive in case something happens to it (hard drive 3) and put away. Once images are edited and ready for delivery, I override the newest version of the images from my primary drive onto my mirror drive. I also download raw images to my cloud. In other words, I keep 4 separate copies of your original images. Which seems like alot...until something happens to one of the drives. Better safe than sorry.

Final high resolution edited jpgs are uploaded to your PASS online gallery which is available for download for one calendar year. All images live forever on their respective hard drives. Cloud images are deleted after one calendar year.

Q// Can you give us an idea of what a wedding day schedule typically looks like?
A traditional schedule might look something like this > if you are doing a first look, and perhaps likethis > if you are skipping first look; of course these examples should be viewed as a GUIDE and not a definite schedule.

An elopement would vary as they don't usually follow the traditional wedding day timeline. We can curate a relaxed, elopement schedule together based on what you'd like to incorporate.

Whatever you do, please keep me in the loop as you begin to create your schedule (even if you have a coordinator), so that we have enough time for everything. You can even pass the above example schedules on to your coordinator if you need to, so they know beforehand how much time I need (they should be asking you how much time I need).

Q// What images might we expect in our gallery? Do we have to tell you what images we want?
Images I typically take at a wedding can be found on < this list >. You do not need to give me a list of typical wedding images (which is basically everything on this list). You don't need to tell me to capture things like "my dress", "photo with my mom" or other things that are super obvious. If its a 'detail', I will shoot it regardless. Feel free to mention not so obvious things like "i want a picture with my 2-year old cousin from london".

Q// Do we get the copyrights to the images taken?
No. You will receive a Print Release (also stated in the contract) that allows you to use the photos for sharing, printing, and reproducing to your hearts desire. You just may not sell photos for profit. Also every time you post an image that I took, please credit me :)

Q// Can we have the .RAW, unedited images? Can we have all the images?
My base rate covers edited .JPGs only; I do not release .RAW images straight from my camera ever so please don't ask for those. If you would like to purchase un-edited .JPGs for personal use, they can be delivered in addition to the edited .JPGs for an additional fee of $50 per un-edited .JPG file.

Q// How many edited images can we expect to receive after the wedding?
There is no certain amount or limitation on how many edited images you will receive. A full day wedding can produce up to 600 images or more. Or less.

Q// How long will it take to receive our images?
4-6 weeks (Nov-March Weddings); 6-8 weeks (April-Oct Weddings)

Q// Do you do wedding albums?
Yes, more info here. Please note: photos for wedding albums need to be picked out within 30 days of receiving your final images. Images received after the 30 day deadline will require an additional fee for wedding album curation to proceed.

Q// Will you blog us?

Q// What if we absolutely do not want you to post ANY of our images anywhere on the internet to assist you in booking future business?
Unfortunately, I am unable to take on any weddings that are required to remain off the internet because that's kind of how I eat. Love you, mean it.

sarah with the photobomb.

Hopefully I covered all the questions you would have asked. If I didn't, then feel free to email me or schedule a consultation :)