Kelley Raye


I live for new sights, new people, new food, and adventurous love stories in new scenic locations. If you're planning an adventure, an elopement, a destination wedding, anything, and want me to come along and capture epic images of the wild ride, I encourage you to go with that feeling!

I go back and forth between Los Angeles and Atlanta monthly as I am based in both locations plus this year I will be visiting...

2017 travel dates

Reykjavik, Iceland // April 10-16

San Juan, Puerto Rico // May 5-8

Sacramento, California // June 15-18

Bristol, Vermont // June 23-25

Thailand // July 11-27

New Orleans, Louisiana // Aug 24-27

St. Louis, Missouri // Sep 2-4

New York, New York // Sep 15-17

New York, New York // Oct 22-26

Travel Wish List




South Africa