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Session Booking Guide

The Booking Process. Its easy.

• A 100% non-refundable deposit + contract is required to officially book me for the date and time of your choice (based on availability). I accept credit, debit, checks from mom, venmo, and Beyoncé tickets. You must submit your payment within 24 hours after I invoice you. I will invoice you after I receive a notification that you have added yourself to my schedule via my session scheduling tool. I will cancel your session if payment hasn't been received within 24 hours.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at anytime.

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Have a question for me? the answer may be here!

Q// How do I book a session with you?
Find a spot on my schedule, sign your contract + submit your payment. Boom. Booked.

Q// How do I prep for my session?
I will send you a Prep Guide that explains tips on location, vibe, hair, makeup, wardrobe, how to get good images, etc.

Q// Where will we be shooting?
My outdoor sessions typically take place either in an 'urban'/industrial setting or a scenic location like the beach, the desert, on top of a mountain, something cool like that. In-home sessions are also awesome for those with aesthetically pleasing homes. If you don't have a picturesque home but have your heart set on an 'in-home' session, a swanky airbnb is always a great option.

Q// What makes for a cool session location?
Cool sessions are more than just venturing to your local park at noon (because you think lots of blinding sunshine is best for photos). First off, dusk or dawn light makes everyone look like a rockstar. And second, taking a stroll through an arts district, drinks on a rooftop, the beach at sunset, a boardwalk with a fist full of cotton candy, "hiking" through a national park, the coast, or a desert as your backdrop, a styled picnic with a view, or a cozy indoor session in a decked out home (or someones else's decked out home...), picking a cool neighborhood and just walking with no set agenda, recreating your first date, ANYTHING scenic, are just a few awesome session location ideas.

Q// Im not booking a family session, but can I bring my dog/kid with me?
Sure, however please bring a dog/kid sitter with you so that you are not distracted when it is time for you to take photos without your dog/kid. Here's the thing: you don't want to stop every 2 seconds to tie up your dog to take a photo (we do not stay in one location the whole time) and running after your kid or checking on them in their stroller every 2 seconds not only eats into your session time but also causes worry/stress that you can see all over your face.

Q// What if I have to cancel or reschedule my session after I've paid for it?
Once paid, deposits are non-refundable. Sessions may only be re-scheduled by you ONE time (and within 2 months; based on availability) for a reason unrelated to bad weather at no additional cost. Anything outside this parameter will require a new deposit and contract.

For sessions in which I have to make travel plans for, once travel plans have been arranged, any changes that I would need to make to my travel plans due to your rescheduling needs must be paid for by you before I make these changes (ex: flight change fee, pre-paid hotel deposit, etc.)

Q// Whats the best time of day to shoot?
For outdoor sessions, an hour or so before dusk is typically the time frame I will have open for you to choose from. A few reasons: we don't have to look for shady spots to shoot due to too harsh sunlight. No sweaty faces and shirts. No unflattering shadow bags under your eyes. I could go on but Ill stop here...

For indoor sessions, shooting between 11am-2pm is a great time to shoot.

Q// I hate my *insert body part*.....
Stop right there. There's no body shaming allowed during my sessions. This is a time for you to show the world how bomb you are. You are amazing. They cant see that if you're worried about whatever it is that no one would notice had you not pointed it out. Worry will show all over your face, so don't. Love yourself, down a glass of champs, play up your most loved features and assets, get over it and lets werk.

Q// If we want to go to a location for our session that requires a parking fee, admission ticket, boat ride, plane ticket, overnight stay, etc does your base rate include that?
No, out of the ordinary additional payments needed to fulfill your photography dreams are not already included in my base rate. So for example if you want me to meet you at ABC Botanical Gardens and the ticket fee is $20 you would be responsible for purchasing my ticket. If you want me to meet you anywhere where parking would be more than $5, you would be responsible for covering my parking. If you live in New York but you want to shoot your engagement session in New Mexico, you would be responsible for paying for my flight and hotel accommodations, etc.

Q// How much is your travel fee?
For locations less than a 3 hours drive away (according to google maps):

If I have to drive more than 30 miles from my zip code (L.A. 90026; ATL 30307), a travel fee of $1 per additional mile (round trip) will be required.

For locations more than a 3 hours drive away:

Flight, ground transportation and/or lodging expenses may be required; based on location.

Q// Do I get the copyrights to the images taken?
No. You will receive a Print Release that allows you to use the photos for sharing, printing, and reproducing to your hearts desire. You just may not sell photos for profit. Also every time you post an image that I took, please credit me :)

Q// Can I have the .RAW, unedited images? Can we have all the images?
My base rate covers edited .JPGs only; I do not release .RAW images straight from my camera ever so please don't ask for those. If you would like to purchase un-edited .JPGs for personal use, they can be delivered in addition to the edited .JPGs for an additional fee of $50 per un-edited .JPG file.

Q// How many edited images can we expect to receive after the session?
There is no certain amount or limitation on how many edited images you will receive. Ive sent as many as 200 and as little as 40. It all depends on what we're shooting, how long we're shooting, etc.

Q// How long will it take to receive our images?
Generally 1-4 weeks.

Q// Will you blog us?

Q// What if I absolutely do not want you to post ANY of our images anywhere on the internet to assist you in booking future business?
Unfortunately, I am unable to take on any projects that are required to remain off the internet because that's kind of how I eat. Love you, mean it.


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