So below is a questionnaire that I would like you to fill out so that I can get a better sense of what you have planned for your wedding day. 

In regards to specific images, please DO NOT list anything that can be found on my standard wedding day shot list. If its clearly wedding related, I will shoot it ;)

As a reminder, my wedding prep guide was created to show you what I need from you and how much time I need to create the best possible images I can for you.

If anything below does not apply to you, just put "n/a"

PLEASE ONLY LIST THE PARTNER, I don't need a list of who all will be in the room while you're getting ready.
Ex: you cant see it from the street, its in ABC Apartment Complex, parking is weird....
Please check off the Family Photo shots you would like to take: *
Check all that apply.
NOTE: If you have a coordinator, DO NOT copy and paste anything here, just have the coordinator email me.