Kelley Raye

Pre-Wedding Info



So below is a questionnaire that I would like you to fill out so that I can get a better sense of what you have planned for your wedding day. With this information, I will create a preliminary schedule which includes an approx amount of time that I will need to capture the different events occurring throughout the day.

As a reminder, my wedding prep guide was created to show you what I need from you and how much time I need to create the best possible images I can for you. PLEASE read it :) Thanks!

Oh also, tiny request, please trust me when I tell you how much time I do (and don't) need for certain events. I do this EVERY weekend guysssssss, I promise I know a thing or two about these here wedding day schedules :) :) :) :) :)

If anything below does not apply to you, just put "n/a"

Ex: you cant see it from the street, its in ABC Apartment Complex, parking is weird....
Warning: friendly changes may be suggested (especially if you do not have a coordinator). see note on trust above. #loveyoumeanit
Include actual names so that people are easier to call out.