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wedding day prep yassss!


a note on "must-have" photos & specific photo requests

I might not know who your best friend from middle school is. I might not know that the third ring on your right index finger belonged to your grandmother. There are so many details about your day that you will know that I wont have any idea how 'must-have' important they are unless you communicate that with me; either before your wedding day or at any point during the day. You can ask me to take a photo of anything! You can signal to me like you're landing a plane! You can yell my name from across the room and I will come running. If there is a photo of a person, place, or thing that you most definitely want to see in your wedding gallery when its delivered, please take the responsibility of asking me to take said specific photo. Legally (per your contract), I can't be held responsible for not getting a certain photo; but like humanly (thats a word, right?) and as the keeper of your memories, I want to get every photo that will make you happy! So please be sure to communicate with me anything or anyone or any group shots that you would like images of that are clearly outside a standard wedding day shot list.


Also, this is stated in your contract but Ill add it here for good measure: all photo requests, are just that, requests. In no way do I guarantee that I will capture any one photo in any specific type of way. Also, re-creating shots you saw on pinterest can sometimes come off as in-authentic, so lets just do our own thing and create our own stuff! Yay!


fun facts about your schedule/timeline

Your photo schedule is not completely set in stone once created, it is simply a guideline based on all the things you want to shoot, where you want to shoot them, where we have time to shoot them, etc. Things may get out of order or have to be done at a different time than originally scheduled because...well....thats how weddings roll. But it would be best for you and the people around you if you learn to roll with the punches sooner than later. Sh*t happens. Sometimes weddings stay on schedule, sometimes they don't. It is what it is.

Including more people in your wedding day process many times decreases the ability to maintain the timeline created prior to the wedding day. The more family, and guests, and vendors, and wedding party people you have, the more likely someone or something is going to impact your timeline negatively. Your wedding coordinator will keep you on schedule as much as possible. If you dont have a wedding coordinator, I will keep you on schedule as much as possible. But ultimately its YOU that controls what does or doesn't get done on time. Keep that in mind.

You don't have to answer your phone on your wedding day if you don't want to. True story. A great idea is to hand your phone off to someone like your MOH who can possibly answer questions for you or at the very least be the calming middleman if someone does have a question for you that only you can answer. The goal is always to stay on schedule, and last minute phone calls = quick derailment.

A positive attitude is the best thing you can have to make your wedding day the best day despite any last minute changes or unexpected mishaps. On your wedding day, everyone in attendance (whether a vendor or a guest) is here for you. A great attitude will go a super long way. 


things i want you to know so i asked them for you...

Q// Do we have to take 'prep shots' at the beginning of the day?
No. If one or neither of you do not want images of you getting dressed, hair and makeup being done, etc, I do not have to add this to your schedule. No particular shot is mandatory and if you don't find a need for it, we do not have to make time for them.

Q// When will we take our wedding portraits (aka couples portraits)?
If you have opted for a first look: we should allow time to take your wedding portraits within that period of time. Your daytime couples portraits should take about 30-40 minutes depending on location and how much you like taking these images.

If you will not be doing a first look: we should allow 20-30 minutes after your ceremony to take your wedding portraits away from the hustle and bustle of your reception. Please do not rush through this time so that we can get a good amount of images to choose from.

Q// Can we ask you to take specific images at the reception?
Yes! Please come up to me anytime during your reception and ask me to take a picture of you with whomever. I'd like to be able to include as many images of your guests as possible, but as I don't know everyone like you do, pulling people into small groups so that we can snap a photo is a great way to get them into the photo gallery.

Q// Will you take a picture of every single guest at our reception?
Um probably not. As per above, please don't expect all 1820498243899 of your guests to appear in your photo gallery. There is no checks and balances system that would allow me to even know if I've taken a photo of every one of your guests (unless you are having an intimate wedding of course). But for all of you that have over 100 friends, first of all, how did you become so popular? And second of all, I will get as many faces as i can, but am def not guaranteeing that your cousin that sat in the back corner all night or your uncle that hung out outside while everyone was dancing will be captured. If there is somebody extra, extra special (I know all your guests are special, but like....extra, extra special) that you'd like a photo of, you need to communicate that with me, otherwise you can catch me snapping candids of whoever is breaking it down the most on the dance flo.

sarah with the photobomb.