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Pre-Wedding Day Prep Guide Page 3

After the Wedding Day


get excited!...

After your wedding day is over, well, first you get to breathe. And second you get to wait for all the amazing images from your day! Whoop!



Your images will be ready within 4-5 weeks. Please do not email for an update unless 5 weeks have come and gone and you haven't receive your usb yet.

Print Release

Your print release is also outlined in your contract but here is one to keep handy in case anyone ever asks you if they can use your photos for something. Be sure to download it. You can share, post and print your images to your heart's content!

Also, just be sure to credit me when appropriate.

My company name is just my name: Kelley Raye. So when crediting me (online, if a magazine calls you up, etc) my tagline should just read: Photos by Kelley Raye.

Oh and you can't sell any images without the copyright. So if US Weekly ever calls, send them in my direction and I'll take care of it :) #loveyoumeanit