Kelley Raye

Pick My Brain Booking Guide

The Booking Process. Its easy.

• A 100% non-refundable deposit is required to officially book me for the date and time of your choice (based on availability). I accept credit, debit, checks from mom, venmo, and Beyoncé tickets. You must submit your payment within 24 hours after I invoice you. I will invoice you after I receive a notification that you have added yourself to my schedule via my session scheduling tool. I will cancel your session if payment hasn't been received within 24 hours.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at anytime.


Have a question for me? the answer may be here!

Q// How do I book a one-on-one chat with you?
Find a spot on my schedule, pay your deposit. Boom. Booked.

Q// How do I prep for my one-on-one chat?
Think up your most important questions, as we have a limited amount of time. Also bring a notebook and pen, obvs.

Q// What happens if you have to re-schedule our chat?
If I have to reschedule your session, I will send you my availability link again and you can pick a new time.

Q// What if I have to cancel or reschedule my chat after I've paid for it?
Once paid, deposits are non-refundable. Chats may only be re-scheduled by you ONE time (and within 2 months; based on availability) for a reason unrelated to bad weather at no additional cost. Anything outside this parameter will require a new deposit.

For chats in which I have to make travel plans for, once travel plans have been arranged, any changes that I would need to make to my travel plans due to your rescheduling needs must be paid for by you before I make these changes (ex: flight change fee, pre-paid hotel deposit, etc.)

Q// What can I ask you?
Anything you can think of!

Q// Will you share your contracts, and other client forms with me?
My actual forms/templates can be shared at an additional cost ($30 each). 

Q// How much is your travel fee if I want you to come to my city?
For locations less than a 3 hours drive away (according to google maps):

If I have to drive more than 30 miles from my zip code (L.A. 90026; ATL 30307), a travel fee of $1 per additional mile (round trip) will be required.

For locations more than a 3 hours drive away:

Flight, ground transportation and/or lodging expenses may be required; based on location.


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