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Hiya! Im Kelley.

I'm a photographer, and I'm based in Atlanta and Los Angeles. 

You knew that.

Here are some things you might not know though:

I've been a professional photographer for 4 years.

I currently bring in more than double what I made at my final corporate job. Ain't no glass ceilings here.

I dont hate Mondays. cuz i do what i want!

All of my bills are paid solely with money I make through my photography business. My wife quit her job in March and travels/second shoots with me.

I am not a starving artist. My savings account + emergency fund is good and juicy.

AND I travel a lot. For work and for fun. Last year I hopped on a plane from Atlanta to Iceland, Thailand, NYC (a few times), Sacramento, New Orleans, St. Louis, San Francisco, Sacramento, Vermont and of course monthly trips to Los Angeles (my second home) to get some sun. The year before, NYC (a few times), Colorado, Rome, Firenze/Florence, Paris, DC, Turks and Caicos, Houston, Nashville, Florida, North Carolina, Richmond, and Austin. Im so thankful to have clients everywhere!

My corporate background in sales helped me avoid HELLA mistakes in my own business that first-year creative entrepreneurs often have to learn the hard way.




you Just starting out? Perfect!

Been doing this for a few years? Awesome!

You want to do this full time? Yes! 

No matter where you are on your photography journey, the right resources & knowledge (plus a little sweat equity), will have you out here living your best entrepreneurial life. So what are you waiting for?!

ready to learn? cool!

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 Virtual high-five for booking a one-on-one chat with me!

Virtual high-five for booking a one-on-one chat with me!

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do a happy dance. 


then...get your questions ready!

see ya soon!