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Mentorship + Education Booking Guide

The Booking Process. Its easy.

• A 100% non-refundable deposit per class is required to officially secure your session date and time (based on availability). I accept credit, debit, checks from mom, venmo, and Beyoncé tickets. Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving your invoice. I will invoice you after I receive a notification that you have added yourself to my schedule via my session scheduling tool. I will cancel your session if payment hasn't been received within 24 hours.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at anytime.

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Q// How do I book a mentor session with you?
Find a spot on my schedule, submit your payment. Boom. Booked.

Q// How do I prep for my mentor session?
Any forms that I send over, please be sure to fill those out and submit before your session so that I can prepare for you on my end. Most sessions will require a laptop, notebook, and camera.

Q// What if I have to cancel or reschedule my session after I've paid for it?
Once paid, deposits are non-refundable. Sessions may only be re-scheduled by you ONE time (and within 1 month, based on availability) at no additional cost. Anything outside this parameter will require a new deposit.

For sessions in which I have to make travel plans for, once travel plans have been arranged, any changes that I would need to make to my travel plans due to your rescheduling needs must be paid for by you before I make these changes (ex: flight change fee, pre-paid hotel deposit, etc.)

Do your best not to reschedule your session once booked, especially if its a live shoot that involves models volunteering their time.

Q// How much is your travel fee?
Sessions will typically take place either online or in my workspace (ATL and LA only).

For live sessions that would require me to drive more than 30 miles from my zip code (L.A. 90026; ATL 30307), a travel fee of $1 per additional mile will be required.

For live sessions in locations more than a 3 hours drive away:

Flight, ground transportation and/or lodging expenses may be required; based on location.

Q// Do I get the copyrights to the images I take during our live mentor portrait session?
Yes. Whatever photos you take on your camera are yours.

Q// Do I get the copyrights to the images you take during our live mentor portrait session?
No. Whatever photos I take on my camera are mine.

Q// Will I be responsible for booking my own models for my live mentor portrait session?
If you have someone in mind you would like to use, feel free to contact them. Otherwise, I will provide the models for your live mentor portrait session.

Q// Can I bring another photographer with me to my one-on-one mentor session or live mentor portrait session?
Only the person who has paid may come to any session. If you would like to invite someone, they will need to provide their own payment in advance.


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