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Create a better client experience

Understand business logistics

fine tune your branding

Book more clients

run a successful business

and of course make MORE money!!

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for established photographers


Custom mentor session

Got super specific business questions? Perfect, I got super specific answers! Book a custom mentor session to get help with specific goals.

One-Hour Session: $249

Two-Hour Session: $449

Location: Studio or Skype

Tools Needed: Laptop + Notebook


website + social media + portfolio review

Get an honest review of your website + portfolio to identify your strengths as well as ways to improve your digital footprint and increase visits, inquiries, and most importantly, bookings!

30-Minute Session: $99

Location: Studio or Skype

Tools Needed: Laptop + Notebook

for new-ish photographers


the creative process

During this session, we can discuss all things photography! Gear, lighting, camera settings, working with shy clients, creating an amazing client experience, prep guides, finding locations, getting the images you want, how-to's and how-do-you-do's...all things creative!

One-Hour Session: $249

Two-Hour Session: $449

Location: Studio or Skype

Tools Needed: Laptop + Notebook


business development

During this intensive session, we can discuss alllllll things business. Fun! Where to find clients, which accounting system is the best, logistics, workflow + best practices, how much to charge, annoying taxes, where you should be 'marketing', what all goes in a contract...anything that has to do with the behind the scenes of running a photography business from start to finish is covered during this session.

One-Hour Session: $349

Two-Hour Session: $549

Location: Studio or Skype

Tools Needed: Laptop + Notebook

For Photography Hobbyists


just the basics

For the photo enthusiast, feel free to ask me basic photography questions or get a crash course in Photography 101. Finally ready to learn how to use your DSLR? Want the basic rundown on Lightroom/Photoshop? Itching to know how people take the perfect flatlay for instagram? This is the session for you.

30-Minute Session: $129

Location: Studio or Skype

Tools Needed: Camera + Notebook. Laptop for photo editing questions.

follow-up sessions

30-minute mini follow up sessions can be booked @ $99/session


mentor session - photo shoot

Build up confidence to rock your photo sessions by not only following along with me during a photo session but also practicing on your own while I provide live feedback. This session is just for you, so you can ask me anything at anytime! I will wrangle up a super rad couple, individual, or family for you to shoot, whatever fits your portfolio needs most!

One-Hour Photo Session: $249 (not including travel)

Tools needed: Camera


wedding photography for boss beginners!

So you're ready to get this wedding thing off the ground, are ya? Yay! Now lets be honest, when people are giving you thousands of dollars and a whole lotta trust, educating yourself over winging it is always gonna be the better option. Here, you get the chance to learn how wedding photography really works (before, during and after the actual wedding day) so you can get the wedding photography ball rolling faster and more professionally. So for all my boss beginners, I will show you my ENTIRE wedding photography process, from the time a potential wedding client contacts me to sending off their gorge wedding photos, and EVERYTHING in between! You can book all the classes together at a discount, or just the ones you need to know the most about. The choice is yours!

And yes, this is an investment but I'm giving you my time and my entire knowledge base, stuff I had to learn all on my own, y'all! So yes it's gonna cost ya a little but it will be well worth it. If this is what you want to do, and you want to do it well, don't half ass it.

Do it with your full ass.

Class is in session!

Wedding Series Mentor Session 1: Before the Wedding

Knowing how to take images, yea you know how to do that. But knowing how to run a whole business and then stay in business, that should probably be a priority as well. In this class, I will show you:

how to respond to a wedding inquiry

how to set up a wedding consultation and what to discuss

how to close your sale

how to effectively price for your market

how to prep your couples

how you should prep

what gear/equipment you need

how to hire a second shooter

and more!

Everything you need to know to feel confident about booking your first few weddings (with people you are not related to or have known since college....), you will learn here!

Introductory Session Rate: $249

Time: 2-3 hours

Tools needed: Laptop + notebook

Wedding Series Mentor Session 2: During the Wedding *Live Class!*

I think visual + hands on learning is probably the best way to absorb what all goes into a wedding day and what you should do to rock it from beginning to end. With this class I will teach you exactly how i approach a wedding or elopement day while I shoot a real wedding! I will walk you through everything I do behind the scenes including:

how to handle a wedding day couple + their family

how to get the images you want + images they want

 how to get the best ceremony shots

best ways to shoot a wedding solo

how to stay 5 steps ahead of everyone so you never miss a shot

how to handle low lighting

how to work that damn speedlight

and more!

Bonus! You will be able to take a few photos for your portfolio to help you with booking your first wedding client!

Introductory Session Rate: $249 (Currently available in ATL and LA)

Time: 6-8 hours

Tools needed: Notebook + camera

Wedding Series Mentor Session 3: After the Wedding

Although people tend to forget, of course the photographers job doesn't end with the wedding. During this class, we'll discuss

post processing/editing timeline

blogging and why you should do it

 delivering images to your clients

leveraging your images to get that next referral

getting your client to review you

and more!

Introductory Session Rate: $249

Time: 2-3 hours

Tools needed: Laptop + notebook

Wedding Series Mentor Session 4: Live Coaching at Your First Wedding + One-on-One Feedback Meeting the day after

Booking your first wedding (your first "i found you on google" client, not like your cousin or co-worker...) can be super nerve-wracking! But not so much when you have a coach cheering you on in the background :) And with this class, that would be me! Once you've booked your first real wedding, feel free to have me come along (based on my availability!). 

As your Coach, I will both watch you work (in order to give you feedback later) and also provide assistance when I see that you may need help.

The best way to learn is through real life experience, so this is the perfect training day to the beginning of the rest of your wedding photography career!

Introductory Session Rate: $249 (note: this class can only be booked based on my availability)

Time: 6-8 hours (wedding) + 30-60 minutes (feedback meeting)


yay, discounts!

book 3 or more sessions at the same time and save $100!


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