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i'm about real moments, hella laughs, drool-worthy details, chill vibes, all the feels and doing whatever the hell you want on your love day.


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And if you need help picking an epic location, I gotcha covered.

| adventurous wedding portrait sessions |

for those that want epic portraits in a scenic location without the wedding day time constraints!

package includes:
zero guests
custom coverage time based on location
high resolution images
online gallery
the most fashionable workout you'll ever document

continental u.s. // $350 (mon-thurs) // $750 (fri-sun) 
everywhere else // custom rate provided


| adventurous elopements and vow renewals |

package includes:
custom coverage time based on location
1 officiant + 2-4 guests
high resolution images
online gallery
at least 5 jealous friends

continental u.s. // $450 (mon-thurs) // $950 (fri-sun) 
everywhere else // custom rate provided

Note: For elopements, if you do not want to invite anyone, my wife and I are happy to be your ‘witnesses’ :)


Q// How would you describe your photography style?
I shoot/edit with feeling in mind. Feeling, vibe, essence, aura, whatever you call it, thats what I aim to capture. It's easy to capture what we see, but what about what we cant see? How will you remember how you felt? Storytelling is about more than just the what, its about the why as well. My photography can be categorized as moody over light and airy; documentary rather than fine art; lifestyle instead of traditional. I like my images to reflect real. I play with shadows. I capture tiny details that you may not even notice. I shoot the way I feel someone would want to remember. You can read more about why I shoot the way I shoot here.

Q// How do we book you?!
A :  Secure your elopement date with a signed contract + deposit and a happy dance. Boom, booked!

Q: What if another couple inquires about our elopement date after we do?
A :  Happens all the time. Only deposits hold dates. Time waits for no one, especially in the wonderful world of wedding planning, so if you’re 100% sure about your date, request a contract as soon as possible.

Q: When would a travel fee be applicable?
A: Travel fees apply to locations outside of Los Angeles County and Metro Atlanta including any U.S. or international location. If applicable, I will provide you with a custom quote based on your location.

Q: Do we have to pay the whole total up front?
A :  For packages less than $1,000, a 100% deposit is required to officially book.

Q// Do you travel?
Anywhere! If you’re getting married outside LA or ATL, I will provide you with a custom quote based on location.

Q// How many weddings have you shot?
I shoot 35 weddings a year. You do the math…..because I hate math, so if you don’t do it, it literally won’t get done.

Q// What kind of equipment do you typically use?
For elopements, my camera bag usually contains: 1 red bull, 2 canon camera bodies, a holdfast multi camera strap, 3-4 lenses (both prime and zoom), lotsa memory cards, a waterproof, smash proof memory card case, and extra camera batteries.

Q// What if you get sick last minute and you can't shoot our elopement?
I will send a photographer who shoots as closely to my style as I can find in my place. No, I've never not been able to shoot a wedding.

Q// Can we book an engagement session even if we are not planning a full wedding?
Yes, you may still book an engagement session here.

Q// What makes a feel-good, drool-worthy, this-is-what-i-actually-wanted-my-wedding-to-look-like elopement?
Elopements are more than just venturing to your local courthouse. Because you are eloping, you don’t have to follow any of the normal wedding rules, because there are no guests, no venue, and no hassle! Consider scheduling your elopement around the time of day when natural light is epic (around dusk or dawn. Incorporate fun things like a stroll through a creative neighborhood, drinks on a rooftop, a boardwalk with a fist full of cotton candy, "hiking" through a national park, etc. Getting honest, authentic candids and portraits with a picturesque background is so much easier when you’re not under the time constraints of a traditional wedding schedule. So get creative! My Elopement Guide has tons of ideas and for ya, so once you’re all booked, we can gameplan accordingly.

Q// Can my parent pay you?
All payments are done electronically, so yes: your parents, grandparents, hell, Cardi B can make your payment. Don’t matter.

Q// Can we see a full elopement gallery example?
Sure, a full elopement example is < here >.

Q// How long can I access my photo gallery after the wedding is over?
Your online gallery will be available for unlimited downloads for up to one calendar year from your wedding date.

Q// I would be considered a high-profile/celebrity client, can you hold off on posting any of my images until they've been published to maintain exclusivity?
Absolutely. Please make this request prior to contract signing so that I can send you the appropriate contract.

Q// Do we get the copyrights to the images taken?
Let me explain ‘copyrights’ first: When you ask a photographer for copyrights to an image they have taken, you are not just simply asking for the right to use the images however you want, you are also asking the photographer to give up their legal right to use their own property.

The contract I send you will grant you permission to share, and print your images. It also grants me permission to share and print your images. If there is something else you are attempting to do (or if there is something you prefer I not do) with your images, we can chat about it.

If you still think purchasing the copyrights from me is what you'd like to do, they can be purchased for an additional (and quite hefty) fee.

Q// Can we have the .RAW, unedited images? Can we have all the images?
You will receive the BEST images taken and they will be gloriously edited by me. Un-edited images are not included in my packages. If you would like to purchase un-edited .JPGs for personal use, they can be purchased at an additional fee. And .RAW photos are not available for purchase ever.

Q// How many edited images can we expect to receive after the wedding?
There is no certain amount or limitation on how many edited images you will receive because all weddings vary based on events of the day. 500-800 is an approximate estimate. Could be more, could be less.

Q// How long will it take to receive our images?
I will try to have your gallery back by your first month anniversary, but since I can't guarantee that can happen every time (due to certain months being a heavier work load than others) I will say 4-6 weeks for Dec-April weddings and 6-8 weeks for May-Nov Weddings.

Q// Do you do wedding albums?
Yes, more info here. But honestly, you can do this yourself and save money. Don’t tell anyone I told you that.

Q// What if we absolutely do not want you to post ANY of our images anywhere on the internet to assist you in booking future business?
Unfortunately, I am unable to take on any weddings that are required to remain off the internet entirely, because as an elopement photographer, showing people pretty pictures is kind of how I eat. #loveyoumeanit


"Let me tell you sumpthin' about Kelley Raye. Not only is she a wedding photographer, she is a true blue photo artist. Her photographs are authentic snapshots of moments in time, and her work with lighting is stunning. She shot our intimate mountaintop wedding at sunset, and the photos are the perfect combination of beautiful green mountain landscape, a sherbet sky, and painted portraits of the emotions of that day. We were so lucky to have such a talented, flexible, light-hearted, and easy-going human to work with. Looking back through our album makes me feel like I am experiencing the day all over again. The world (and folks getting married) are lucky Kelley Raye Photography exists. If you are looking to capture authentic moments and raw human emotion from your big day, Kelley is the one.”

-Kat & Shane


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Note: Rates displayed subject to change at anytime without notice.