Give the gift of epic photography!

Or in some cases...ASK for the gift of epic photography!

Gift certificates are available for both wedding/elopement photography and lifestyle sessions. Grab one or grab a few and create your own increments!

Wedding Photography Gift Certificates

$1000 Gift Certificate

$500 Gift Certificate

$100 Gift Certificate

Create Your Own

$50 Increments

wedding gift certificate terms and conditions

Wedding gift certificates should only be purchased after I have consulted with the recipients and should never be purchased as a "surprise". Wedding gift certificates can be applied to either the 50% retainer fee or the 50% balance. Once purchased, a full refund will only be available up to 48 hours past the purchase date/time. After that, certificate payments are non-refundable. Also, increments of a wedding gift certificate cannot be refunded (for example if a couple only needed $200 but you purchased a $500 certificate), so please check with the couple on the amount of their quote or balance before purchasing a certificate.

Lifestyle Session Gift Certificates

Engagement Session - $475

Up to 2 Hours

Engagement Session - $350

Up to 1 Hour

Lifestyle Session - $350

Up to 1 Hour

Mini Lifestyle Session - $250

Up to 30 Minutes

Mini Family Session - $250

Up to 30 Minutes

Head Shot Session - $150

Create Your Own

$10 Increments

photo session gift certificate Terms and Conditions

Once gifted, recipient must fill out the Redemption Form at to redeem gift certificate and schedule a photo session. Photo sessions may be scheduled based on availability. All photo session gift certificates must be redeemed by the due date listed on the gift certificate or by the end of the calendar year purchased, whichever comes first. Recipient will be required to sign a photography services agreement to complete photo session scheduling. Once purchased, gift certificates are only refundable within 48 hours past the purchase date/time.