Kelley Raye
wedding + lifestyle photographer

Family Portraits FAQs

in case you were wondering


Q// How do I book a session with you?
Schedule your session, and pay your deposit. Boom, booked.

Q// How many people can attend the session?
Whoever is apart of your family. I'd advise not to bring family pets unless you bring along a pet-sitter separate from your family members.

Q// How should I dress me/my kids?
Neutrals are my favorite and solids over patterns are always a good rule of thumb. Whatever you wear, please do not arrive in big and small versions of the same outfit....

Q// I don’t live in Georgia. Can I still book a session?
Yes. You can either fly to me or I can fly to you (additional travel fee will apply).

Q// Do I get the copyrights to the photos taken?
No. You will however receive a Print Release (also stated in the contract) that allows you to use the photos for sharing, printing, and reproducing to your hearts desire. You just may not sell photos for profit.

Q// Can I have the RAW, unedited images? Can I have all the images?
No. You will only received edited images. Once culled, all usable photos will be delivered to you as a jpg file after post-processing.

Q// How many photos can I expect to receive after our session?
I send over however many photos turned out awesome. A one-hour session can produce, i don't know, 70-100 usable photos? A mini session, 30-50 etc. Those are just estimates, and your session could produce a whole lot more or a whole lot less depending on what we're shooting.

Q// Will you blog me?