Kelley Raye

Family Portraits FAQs


Q// How do I book a session with you?
Find a spot on my schedule, and pay your deposit. Boom, booked.

Q// I think I see a date that might work. Can you hold it for me while I double check some things?
No. Only deposits hold dates so I would advise you decide quickly before someone else takes that open spot.

Q// How many people can attend the session?
Whoever is apart of your family.

Q// How should I dress me/my kids?
Great question! Neutrals are always timeless and solids over patterns are always a good rule of thumb so no one sticks out more than another. Moms and Dads should try to dress more up than down. What would you wear on date night? Wear that. I know sometimes we default into wearing what's comfortable because life, but remember this is a professional photo session for you as much as it is for the kids. Do you really want to frame photos or send off holiday cards of you wearing a sweatshirt and leggings? Probably not. If you have time to get a little hair and makeup done, please do! Whatever you wear, please do not arrive in big and small versions of the same outfit. You're all different so show off those different personalities!

Q// What makes a good family session?
My typical style of photography is storytelling so a good family session tells a story. I would challenge you to get creative with your family session so its less "stand, hold hands and smile for the camera" and more about real life. Instead of just standing in the middle of your local park trying to find things to do with your hands, have a pretty picnic in the middle of a field with a view or a forest. Instead of just sitting on your couch in height order smiling for the camera, document a day-in-the-life that includes casual hangs in the kitchen making breakfast, playtime, jumping on the bed, a massive pillow fight etc! The best family sessions show a family actually living, not just posing for the camera. Authentic interaction is what makes a family session real and good. If you need other ideas, feel free to ask. Or check pinterest if you don't have a focusing problem, I'm sure theres a million ideas there....

Q// What are the best times and days to shoot family sessions?
For outdoor sessions, the best time to shoot is about an hour or so before dusk in a place where you can eventually see the sunset. If the weather is overcast, the best time of day is anytime. Direct sunlight outdoors is too bright and too harsh, causes too many under eye shadows and don't get me started on the just makes for unflattering family photos so trust your photographer when she tells you that early evening light is the better way to go.

For in-home sessions however, we wont be in that harsh light so the harsher the better! The best time to shoot is during the day, between 11am-2pm when the sun is nice and high and hopefully lighting up your entire house for the best natural light images.

Q// If we want to go to a location for our family session that requires a parking fee, admission ticket, boat ride, plane ticket, overnight stay, etc does your base rate include that?
No, out of the ordinary additional payments needed to fulfill your photography dreams are not already included in my base rate. So for example if you want me to meet you at ABC Botanical Gardens and the ticket fee is $20 you would be responsible for purchasing my ticket. If you want me to meet you anywhere where parking would be more than $5, you would be responsible for covering my parking. If you live in New York but you want to shoot your family session in New Mexico, you would be responsible for covering my flight and hotel accommodations, etc.

Q// What if we have to reschedule our session?
Sessions can only be rescheduled one time non weather related with the same deposit and must also be rescheduled within the same calendar year. And based on availability. 

Q// Do we get the copyrights to the images taken?
No. You will receive a Print Release (also stated in the contract) that allows you to use the photos for sharing, printing, and reproducing to your hearts desire. You just may not sell photos for profit. Also every time you post an image that I took, please credit me :)

Q// Can we have the .RAW, unedited images? Can we have all the images?
My base rate covers edited .JPGs only; I do not release .RAW images straight from my camera ever so please don't ask for those. If you would like to purchase un-edited .JPGs for personal use, they can be delivered in addition to the edited .JPGs for an additional fee of $50 per un-edited .JPG file.

Q// How many photos can I expect to receive after our session?
Theres no set number. A one-hour session can produce, 70-100 usable photos. A mini session, 30-50 etc. Those are just estimates, and your session could produce a whole lot more or a whole lot less depending on what we're shooting.

Q// How long will it take to receive our images?
2-4 weeks. If you need your gallery back in less than 2 weeks from the shoot date, that would be considered a rush order. Rush Orders can be purchased for an additional $100.

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