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Corporate Photography FAQs


Q//  How will you edit our images?

Corporate lifestyle images are typically edited with a basic, clean, unfiltered look. Should you want a more creative style, please let me know.

Q// Will you bring your own lighting equipment?

My corporate head shots, stock photos and office lifestyle images are shot using natural light throughout the building; artificial light will not provide the same effect as my typical aesthetic (as seen in samples or via my website). For event photography that will be held at night, I will take photos with an external speedlight (flash).

Q// Do we get the copyrights to the photos taken? Can we have the RAW images?

You will receive a Print Release (also stated in your contract) that allows you to use the photos for sharing, printing, and reproducing to your hearts desire. You just may not sell photos for profit without the copyright. To receive RAW images, or in other words, to transfer full ownership/copyrights of all images from me to you, you should be prepared to pay a few thousand dollars. You may consider opting for high-resolution JPG's instead.

Q// My company typically makes net-30 payments. Do you accept checks that won’t be sent out for 30 days?

A session or event cannot be booked without a paid retainer fee, so whether you use a company credit card or check, this must be paid up front. Remaining balances can be paid via net-30 but please note, final images will not be released until the balance has been paid, even if they are needed asap. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your session or event.

Q// Will we be allowed to pick out the images we like best?

For head shots, most photos taken during your session will be duplicates with only very subtle differences, if any. The two best images will be selected for you and uploaded to your company’s photo gallery. For office/lifestyle or event photos, whatever photos are usable will be uploaded to your gallery; there is no set max.

Q//  What if more people sign up for head shots than previously quoted?

Since my session fee is hourly, this base quote will remain the same no matter how many people are invited to take head shots (between 1-3 hours). Based on your estimated number of team members, I will provide the time estimate I believe you will need to set aside. Once your session is booked, extended time may only be granted based on my availability. Session base rate is required up front to secure your session date and time. The sitting fee is based on the number of people participating and will be invoiced after the session is over.

Q// What if our head shot session is less than one hour?

The base rate is the minimum payment due to secure your session date and time. This retainer fee is non-refundable and will not adjust to a different amount even if your session takes less than an hour to complete.

Q// What if we decide we need you for a full day? Does your session fee change?

A discounted session rate may be available for sessions that are estimated at needing between 4-8 hours of coverage time in one workday. A custom quote will be provided.


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