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Collab Request FAQs

in case you were wondering


Q// How do I book a collab session with you?
First you need to fill out a Project Request form. This will either be approved or denied based on the information you provide. If approved, I'll send you my availability, and then you will submit your 100% deposit (if a deposit is applicable) and contract by the due date. Voila. Booked.

Q// Where will we be shooting?
In Atlanta, my outdoor shoots take place mainly ITP and in more 'urban'/industrial looking settings, east side and west side would be my ideal areas. If your home is dripping with design details, you can shoot there. If your vibe calls for more nature, we can find an open field, or something cool and scenic, but we will not be venturing to your local park. Not even Piedmont. This is a no park zone.

Q// What if I need to reschedule?
To nurture this creative business relationship, it is in your best interest that you do not reschedule a basically free shoot once I've added you to my schedule. But you know....shit happens.

Q// What if I arrive late?
Your session starts at the start time on your contract and will end no later than the end time on your contract. Time is money babes #loveyoumeanit

Q// I don’t live in Georgia. Can I still book a session?
Yes. You can either fly to me or I can fly to you (additional travel fee will apply).

Q// What if I need to schedule a collab more than 30 days in advance?
Full price sessions can be booked up to 60 days in advance and you can view those here :)

Q// Is my collab date and time guaranteed once I'm booked?
Yes and No. Once you have booked a collab date and time with me, I will add you to my schedule like any other shoot. However full price sessions are my priority. Its rare, but if for some reason a full price paying client can only shoot during a time slot I've put you in, you might get bumped or rescheduled for another date. I will try to give you as much advance notice as I can if this is the case. With that being said, if your collab project is of a high priority to you, or you have a solid date/time in mind that you know you wont be able to change (your project involves coordination of several people), my advice to you would be to book me as a full price client. A full price deposit is the only way I can fully guarantee your session date and time.

Q// Do I get the copyrights to the photos taken?
No you do not get copyrights to the photos taken during your session. You will receive a Print Release that allows you to use the photos for sharing, printing, and reproducing to your hearts desire. You just may not sell photos for profit.

Q// I'll have several people involved in my project; can they share these images on their social media or website?
Yes. Your images will come in a sharable, downloadable gallery that you can easily forward to someone else who may want them. Photo credit instructions will be applied.

Q// Can I have the RAW, unedited images? Can I have all the images?
Erm. No. You will only receive edited images. Once culled, all usable photos will be delivered to you as a jpg file after post-processing. And please do your best not to add a horrid instagram filter to my images after they've been edited :)

Q// How many photos can I expect to receive after our collab?
I send over however many photos turned out awesome. This could be 50 or 100, there's no set number. You'll get more than enough though I'm sure.

Q// How long will it be before I receive the images? What if I need them back asap?
If my workload is relatively high, it may take me anywhere from 2-3 weeks to deliver your photo gallery. If my workload is relatively low, I may be able to get them to you within 1-2 weeks. So the answer to how long will it be before you get your photos: between 7 days and 3 weeks. If it has been longer than 3 weeks, then you may contact me for an update on the status, but please not before then.

Q// What if I really really really need my photos in less than a weeks time?
....full price sessions are here.

Q// Will you blog me?
I might. Blog posts or posts to my social media are not guaranteed though.

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