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"New phone, who dis?"

Lol! No but seriously when you got a new life and a new attitude you gotta (1) switch up the hair and (2) take some new photos. Lynne is an amazing human and whenever we get together, just....all the magic happens. I'm so honored that in her time of boss lady transition to bigger and better things, that she asked me to take her branding photos for her most stellar re-introduction to Atlanta. ATL she is coming for you (again), so just be ready.

We shot this in the parking lot of one of our favorite breakfast spots in Atlanta. I'm pretty sure this took us 15 minutes or less. And then we ate breakfast because biscuits were obviously our one true priority for the day once we picked a location. Thank you overcast gods for your constant blessings on my life. 

This is some. good. shit.

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