atlanta lifestyle photographer | sydia bell | girlboss branding

branding is one of my favorite things. theres nothing like telling your story in your way with feel-good, real-life, this-is-me imagery. i love love love when people understand the importance of uniquely telling your story. although there might be a ton of people doing something you do, they cant do it exactly like you. we all do what we do in a very distinct way, and branding allows you to bring that uniqueness to light and separate yourself from the otheres. Sydia is all about helping kids unlock their inner creative and adults take their creative business to the next level. sometimes she combines the two. you haven't had fun until you've experienced one of her cocktails and coloring events. oh thats when adults get together, and playfully unlock their inner creative through a little coloring and a little more drankin (kids don't have to have all the fun.) 

Sydia called on me to help her with her upcoming website launch and I am so excited for her and the things she has planned for her new creative living company. so in case you are wondering how does branding really work, well for starters: ya gotta be yourself. we shot sydia's images in her amazing 1920's-built apartment in Atlanta where all of her ideas come to life. we pulled in what she uses with her tiny, young clients as well as her older ones. she wore an outfit that she would actually wear on a daily basis, something people would recognize her in. she brought in personal details special to her that the average person may not know about so that visually she can tell you her back story, her present story, and her future story all at the same time. thats how branding works. it allows people to see who you really are, feel better about knowing you and help people connect in a way that makes them want to reach out, say hey, be your friend, or your future client. when telling your story, imagery is important. people buy into people, so when it comes to branding yourself, don't forget to open yourself up and let people in.