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atlanta lifestyle photographer | Squad Spotlight: Ruthie Lyons, R&F Consultant

So my friend Ruthie is amaze as all of my friends are and I will tell you a million times. You are your tribe...

Anywho, we first met when I was still working my corporate job as a Director of Sales for a hotel company. She was just hired as a DOS and I got to take my first trip to Knoxville to train her so that she could go forth and sell all the hotel rooms. While her day job is in hotel sales, her hustle is so much more fabulous and a lot less hectic. When she first called me sometime back in 2014 and told me about how she just became a consultant for Rodan and Fields, I was beyond excited for her. She had so much excitement and energy in her voice I could barely keep up, and we were screaming and laughing and I felt so happy that she finally found the light at the end of her corporate world tunnel. Then she started posting before and after photos of her face (because that’s really all her job entails, not to tell people how awesome it is, just simply show them) and I was like girl…is this some fountain of youth type stuff??? It was weird and magical at the same time. The products truly are amazing for your skin, but what’s better is how Ruthie has taken control of her own destiny, and created her own source of income and turned herself into a girlboss. #yasss

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