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Jaclyn was beyond ecstatic to book a girlboss branding session. Even though she was nervous. Even though she could think of a million excuses not to put herself out there. She did it. MOST times when ladies contact me about assisting them with their branding they are a nervous wreck about actually shouting out to the world "hey im here, this is what I want to do!" its scary. to make yourself 'known' to others. i mean once you take these photos, thats it, you're out there baby! but im so glad my ladies, even through the bundle of nerves want what they want so much that they push themselves off that scary ledge and fly. theres no other way to your goals. so set up that website, make that rate sheet, take those awesome photos of yourself and introduce yourself to the world. the quicker you get started, the quicker you'll get to where you want to be. #bossshit

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