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Why Every Girlboss Should Define Her Process Early On |

Everyone say hey to Melanie! We had an amazing bohemian summer session a week or two ago. She wanted some in-home shots in her loft and then some outdoor shots by the train and I just loved it all. Although Melanie found me on Google, she actually lives like two steps away from me, which was crazy, shortest commute ever! I knew right then we would create something great. Because my neighborhood + the people in it are the best of course J

When I look at these pictures they make me happy for a number of reasons. One, they’re the proper amount of epic. But Two, when new clients contact me because they recognize themselves in my work, it’s the best feeling. I’ve been putting a lot of work into my branding, so when it pays off I’m happy dancing all over my living room.

I also have a pretty solid process in place for how I work with clients and create magic for them. The awesome work I was able to produce with Melanie is a wonderful example of why, as a creative entrepreneur, it’s so important to have a process in place for your business, and to stick to that process, whatever it may be. My process includes a number of things such as what time of day I prefer to shoot, the style of the client, the locations I choose, scout, or approve, etc. I even send this preliminary information to my potential clients before they even book, so they know before they sign on the dotted line, how this is going to work, so that the end result is what they expect and amazing.

When potential clients contact me and ask me for suggestions, send me examples of their wardrobe, tell me they trust what I tell them, those are the easiest people to work with. I think its human nature to sometimes want to try to control things that you shouldn’t. A lot of people think they know best, even though they are contacting you, the professional. I avoid those people as much as possible.

So a note to every girlboss currently trying to figure out the best way to navigate your business: to combat potential business disasters, is to know and understand how you produce your best work, and then be able to clearly explain that to anyone who wants to work with you. Whether that means working on your craft at a certain time of day, setting solid due dates for receiving orders, payments or contracts back or how working with a client should go start to finish. Sometimes as a creative, it’s easy to just kind of let everything flow in any direction because you are just trying to close a deal or stay in business. But letting others sail your ship can definitely compromise your creativity, your enthusiasm, your drive, your happiness…and your money. Define your process and stick to it. You’ll thank yourself later. #stayfearless

Kelley Raye