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Monday Hacks: 4 Things Every Girlboss Should Add to Her Schedule Right Now |


Oh Monday. Always the most motivating day in a girlboss’ week. Even for those of us that work through the weekend and never know what day it ever. I don’t know about you but I check my schedule about 10 times a day. That, combined with a few chats I had this past week inspired me to create this quick list of Girlboss Hacks that I thought every creative entrepreneur needs to definitely make time for in her schedule.


Monday Hack #1: Pencil in a coffee and chat with someone like-minded- I always make sure I fit in 1 or 2 coffee meetings on my weekly calendar. Not just because I love coffee shops. Although I totally do. The coffee isn’t the only thing that boosts my energy during these meet-ups. Catching up with a business bestie or hanging out for an hour with a local mover/shaker is a great way to find new inspiration, be/have a soundboard, laugh and unwind. I always leave coffee chats with fresh ideas and a super positive outlook on the remainder of my week…no matter what craziness has been happening.


Monday Hack #2: Set up a recurring Buckle Down Day- A standing Buckle Down Day (coined by my friend Jessy) is a must on every girlboss’ busy schedule. A buckle down day is exactly what it sounds like, a day that you buckle down and only do work-related tasks for a set amount of time. By the middle of the week, stuff can really get piled up and get away from you. Blocking off the same day and time every week to complete tasks that have kind of been pending (a nice word for ‘shit you just don’t feel like doing’) is a great way to catch up and check some stuff off of your to-do list before you roll into your weekend or a new week. And just like when you were in school, sometimes it can be better to remove yourself from comfortable surroundings. My favorite work spot is my bed, obviously, however sometimes its best to hit a public spot where you’re so pressured to look like you’re working on something important, you can stay focused and get work done.


Monday Hack #3: Add an upcoming workshop or event to your schedule- Don’t be a hermit girlboss. Your business will thrive with more people in the mix. Adding a workshop or social event to your schedule every now and then is not only a great way to learn or experience something new, but also great for meeting people that you probably need to know, in a super relaxed environment that welcomes chit chat. Expanding your network is one of the easiest ways to expand your business, so you should always make time for that. Need help? Well here's a really good place to start :)


Monday Hack #4: Pre-schedule Your Time Off- Yes. Time. Off. I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who is a very new girlboss and she told me that she’s been skipping out on drinks, dinner and fun on evenings and weekends because she didn’t want people to think she wasn’t at home working on their orders. She is the sweetest. But you gotta have a life too. Apart of being a creative entrepreneur, is keeping your work life separate from your actual life. I know that sounds hard. But it’s ok to not be in work mode every minute of every day. A great hack to keep from burning yourself out: look at your schedule a month or two in advance and block off time for yourself. It can be due to an event you heard about, a vacation you wanted to take or maybe you just got some new bath salts and want to plan a fabulous freakin’ bubble bath. It doesn’t matter! After you block off some days, evenings, whatever you choose, then schedule everything else work-related around those times. When you start getting slammed with orders, requests, meetings, etc this scheduled time off makes it much easier to get through the busy days/weeks, knowing you have days coming up that are just for you.

Mondays don't have to be a drag! Use them to set up a kick-ass productive week that you can be proud of come Friday. If you need a coffee date, I'm available :) is Monday right?

Kelley Raye