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atlanta wedding photographer | gabi and tim

This day was so fun. I hung out with Gabi and Tim for 3 or 4 hours running rampant around Atlanta preserving memories they had made throughout the year. Let's backtrack. Gabi and Tim are from Boston. Tim's job moved him to Atlanta for a year, year and half, but his time in Atlanta has come to an end and he's headed back up north. Gabi and Tim loooooove Atlanta. So when she contacted me about doing a shoot that captured them at all of their favorite places they had discovered during his stay here, of course I said yes. Well all their favorite places are in my neighborhood, so that made it an easy decision. Instagram actually brought Gabi and I together. She is a fabulous blogger, and it was so awesome to finally get to meet her in person after all that time!

For their Farewell Atlanta session we hit the ground running.

Today is officially their last day in Atlanta and I wish them all the best!! Come back to see us Gabi and Tim!

Kelley Raye