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atlanta wedding photographer | emma and katie

i love these two right here. At the beginning of our shoot I asked them to just kinda hang out and act their definition of normal while i got my first shots in. We laughed because no one really knows what their own definition of normal is, and when asked, you have to think a little bit. So then I say 'well do something that you would normally do together.' they started talking about Harry Potter :) :)

And this is why this session is the best ever.

This, this shoot, all of this, this gives me so much life. I live for moments like these. For photos like these. I love to create an environment where its ok to be your authentic self. Once you let that inner light shine, I capture it. That's it. That's my secret sauce for all those that ask. We don't pretend at my shoots. We talk, and laugh, and cuss, and share stories, and gripe, and laugh some more, and connect and dance and sweat and jump and forget about whatever worries we arrived with and just live. We live. In the present. It's ok to be wild and free every now and then. It's ok to be different. It's ok to be non-traditional. It's ok to let your hair down. Shake it around. You don't need 8 million pre-planned shots. You don't need to be someone else's definition of normal. You just need to be you. Being your authentic self is enough. It. Is. Enough.

I follow the light inside of people. I want my photography to capture who you are, who you really are, on the inside. Your beauty on the outside is just the cherry on top. We don't pretend over here. This is real life. This is real love. This is me letting you see humans and their inner spirit from my perspective. This is Emma and Katie letting you read a page of a chapter in their story. This is us hanging out on a Sunday evening making magic even Harry Potter would be jealous of.




















Kelley Raye