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Sometimes you come across two people who are really awesome and want to go on a really awesome adventure around the neighborhood with you while you document it. That was Sally and Chris. This is their Ponce engagement session. And it's perfect.

I didn't know before we started that the theme for their wedding is actually all the good things that make Ponce (or Ponce de Leon Ave for the non-Atlantans) the best place on earth. This was the first place we moved when we came to Atlanta way back when and I live off Ponce now (right behind the first place ironically). I had planned on using the street as our backdrop, so good thing its the favorite :) They absolutely adore the historic building turned lofts they live in so we started there, made our way around the Atlanta Beltline to their wedding venue (can you guess what it is?), hung in the Green's parking lot and laughed a whole lot.

After attempting to climb fences and catching the best sunset ever, Sally and Chris invited me up to their loft where I met BatCat and came across the illest Notorious B.I.G. coffee table (Chris painted it) and guitars hanging on the wall (Sally plays them). Sweetest loft ever. So glad I got to spend time with them and capture all this.

Kelley Raye