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atlanta wedding photographer | annette and mike

I love Annette and Mike. And they love Atlanta. I love Atlanta too. I love lots of things. Anyway, every year they fly back home to Atlanta to see their family and friends for the holidays and every year we do an anniversary shoot. This year we almost had to cancel because their bags didn't make it onto their connecting flight with them (don't you hate when this happens?). Short of forcing them to come as they were in mismatched sweats, their bags showed up an hour before we were scheduled to shoot and two hours before it was scheduled to rain. Thank goodness because this was the only day we could shoot before I hit the airport myself to head to Santo Domingo (to which I tried to fit a weeks worth of things in a carry on to avoid my bag going to Bermuda or something). What I love most is that we ended up in front of Paris on Ponce which is actually where they had their wedding reception. So you see...we didn't choose this photo session, this photo session chose us :)

#weloveatl <3

Kelley Raye