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"You're so busy these days". That's what I hear every time I run into someone I know at an event or while grabbing coffee. I actually am really busy these days. Not like fake it til you make it busy like when you first start a business. But like oh I'm starting to hit my entrepreneurial stride this is pretty cool busy. It's really amazing to watch all of the things that you asked for a year ago, 3 years ago, 8 years physically manifest. When we ask for things, careers we want, homes we want to live in, places we want to go, theres no telling how short or long that process is going to take. And usually its on the longer side. Or at least it feels that way. Really the only rule you need to follow is: you must trust and you must be patient. You have to trust that once you let that intent fly out of your mouth, it will come back to you. And then you have to wait. And do what you can in the meantime. Then one day you'll look up and be living the life you so patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waited for. Sidenote: soon I'll be posting all my must-have organizational apps that allow you to maintain your sanity.

I have so many wonderful things to post. I just gotta find the time :) This one was fun. Alex is engaged to Carl and to celebrate the blending of a family (which I'm sure a lot of us can relate to) little Brook came along for some engagement/family photos. And she was just the right amount of energy I needed for what was probably a very long weekend. No red bull needed for this one.

Kelley Raye