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Associate Photographer Info


How associate photography with me Works!

I book, you shoot, I edit, you get paid! 

When a potential client contacts me for a date that I am booked, I will contact you to see if you are available. If you are, I will proceed with booking the client and then I will pay you a 50% deposit so that you can block off the date.

Before the wedding, I will send you the official wedding day schedule + family photo list so that you can be fully prepared to shoot.

During the wedding, be awesome and shoot awesome things! If a client also contracts a second shooter, play nice together.

After the wedding, you will upload all RAW images to the appropriate gallery within 24 hours (I will provide the link). Once a successful download has been made, I will pay out your balance! Yay!


Associate Photographers Must Be:

Professional! Obvs.

Personable! please!

Reliable! def.


Equipment Requirements:

Camera Bodies: Need 2 minimum
Both MUST be Full Frame (I use 5d mark III or IV)

Prime Lenses: Need 1 minimum
35mm and/or 50mm, something like that

Zoom Lenses: Need 2 minimum
24-70mm and 70-200mm, something like that

Speedlight: Need 1 minimum

Memory Cards: Lots!
64 gb or higher preferably


What to wear

as long as you take a shower and brush your hair, I don't care!

Terms and Conditions

You will sign an agreement for every wedding I book you for.
The short of it is:

  • I own the copyrights to all images as you will be shooting under Kelley Raye Photography, LLC. You will have a copyright license to use all images for your website, portfolio, social media, etc. Whoop!
  • You must follow my Pre-Shoot Prep Guide and Post-Shoot Instructions so that this can flow seamlessly.
  • You may not contact the client directly except on the wedding day. All communication before then will be done through me. Also please don't tag the client in any photos.
  • You may use the JPG images you took for your own personal use AFTER I have delivered the final product to the client (typically takes me 4-6 weeks to deliver images, photo books, etc). I will email you as soon as they have been delivered.
  • Once you've signed your contact and I've sent you a retainer fee, PLEASE keep your commitment!



Payment will start at $100/hour with the potential to move up to $150/hour after I have worked with you successfully for a few weddings. For full day weddings, you will typically be shooting 8 hours.

Both retainer and balance checks will be sent in the mail (vendor direct deposit costs like $70 a month, no ma'am!)

For tax purposes, you will need to fill out a W-9 form so that I can file a 1099 at the end of the year. You will be responsible for your own tax sh*t.

Ready to get booked?! Fill this out!

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