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i got a story to tell.

photo by andria lindquist. makeup by gaylinyet roberts.

photo by andria lindquist. makeup by gaylinyet roberts.


hey!  *this is more like a squeal btw*

you're here and thats pretty cool, not gonna lie.

im kelley. and raye is my last name not my middle name. I like to travel and make art with my gold-glitter strapped canons. Maybe its because i used to move around so much as a kid. I got a taste of that skymile life super early. That's one of the many reasons i decided to turn my childhood obsession of never wanting to lose a memory into a full time lifestyle. Having to start over at a new school every year allowed me to perfect the art of getting people to warm up to me quickly. i started carrying around disposable cameras in my backpack so that i could snap anything and anybody I wanted to remember. i wanted to relive my memories whenever i felt like it. especially since i knew i would have to keep remaking them. 

a disposable camera turned into a clunky point-and-shoot. a clunky point-and-shoot turned into a slimmer re-designed one. old slim was eventually shelved for a dslr. then that dslr turned my obsession into an always evolving and fulfilling career. i get to make new friends and meet amazing people on a daily basis, I get to preserve beautiful once-in-a-lifetime memories, I get to travel the world and hopefully my journey actively inspires others, even if its just one person. 

My photography business is my only business. I don't go somewhere 9-5pm, and then do this on the weekends for extra cash. Photography is my sole means of income. And it's about as grass-roots as you can get. I rely on my passion for human connections, talent and old-school word of mouth to keep this girlboss thing going. Thanks for visiting!

coffee is my spirit animal.

my wife and i.

my wife and i.

now aside from my love for white walls and photo montages..


i drink coffee like costa rica just announced their semi-annual coffee bean sale. i judge latte art, so if you ever make my vanilla latte, do not be lazy.

i check my delta airline app twice a week to see how many days I have until my next trip. if the list gets short, i go into depression. so i keep it long.

i'm a cheerleader for other female entrepreneurs. I honestly wish every girl with a dream would just quit her 9 to 5 and pursue what she dreams about most. that's why i love to do this. i absolutely love helping women reach new heights through creative branding, tips and advice so that they can continue kicking ass doing what they love.

one day, an image i take will be on the cover of vogue. you heard it here first. unless you know me in real life, in which case, this is in fact not the first time you have heard it.

you should add this track to your soundcloud favorites.

my wife's name is fallon. she is also my assistant photographer. 

I have a morkie named martini.

i was a squirrel in a past life.

Martini requested that his head shot be included. He does no work.

Martini requested that his head shot be included. He does no work.

Upcoming photography workshops/Speaking engagements

WRKSHP // Brooklyn, NY // Oct 23-26, 2017


{UN}CONVENTION // Richmond, VA // Nov 13, 2016

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